Maine Biomass Exports, Inc. (MBE) was established in 2014 to consolidate and operate all aspects of the supply chain, logistics and future Phytosanitation (heat treatment) of wood chips destined for the European market for combined heat and power (CHP) use, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), high quality paper manufacturing and lumber production. The principals and board of MBE have over 100 years of combined experience in heavy construction and equipment handling, logging and forest maintenance, resource allocation, procurement, as well as industrial and commercial operations supporting international business and export logistics. 


With planned completion of a Phytosanitation – Heat Treatment facility in Stockton Springs, Maine – slated for forth quarter 2017 – MBE will draw upon bankable stores of raw fiber consisting of over 2,500,000 US tons of regional feedstock available to its facilities along a proprietary, strategically situated system of rail sidings throughout Maine. 


Millinocket and Stockton Springs, Maine - linked with the Port of Searsport will become synonymous with and recognized as the “North America Fiber Hub” positioning MBE to efficiently and economically supply the EU and beyond. Also, MBE is looking into kiln-drying to Phytosanitize Spruce/Fir logs for lumber firms, and ship MDF to global regions outside of the EU, to include Turkey while also supplying several domestic locations with designed specifications for wood chip supplies in excess of 250,000 US-Ton-Per-Year (TPY) to regional wood pellet manufacturers on long-term contracts.


MWBE is pleased to announce it has recently added an additional product specialty, to accompany and augment its Phytosanitation production lines, to be shipped via Searsport to a new, confidential, discharge location. MBE has recently earned and acquired its Phytosanitation Approval Certificate from the USDA-APHIS for product processed and shipped to Germany for Kraft paper manufacturing. The lineup of planned production includes its trademarked energy wood chip, E = MC3, for CHP which will be shipped in compressed bales and wrapped for protection and longevity – and at the approximate density of wood pellets for economical loading and reduction of voyage costs.


The Port of Searsport is the exclusive port of origination for all MBE product lines, and Central Maine & Quebec Railway is the state wide rail service that ties the entire state’s fiber, to the Prospect facility, from the Canadian border to the west and from the Golden Road of Millinocket, through Prospect and Stockton Springs and then directly to the Port of Searsport. MBE has site control, for exclusive use, a ten acre lay-down yard at the port to handle in excess of 600,000 MTPY of annual fiber export. Further, MBE has established an exclusive relationship with wood chip carrier owners and operators for dedicated wood chip transport from Searsport to the EU and beyond. All of this making the supply chain networks a substantial, seamless and formidable proprietary operation with extreme cost containment benefits that inure to the buyers abroad.


MBE has established deep bench relationships with top land owners and property managers throughout the state and have engaged several of the top tier Professional, Licensed Forest Professionals to maintain sustainability programs and policies that include our pending relationship that will lead to a partnering with the University of Maine in Orono for afforestation programs and plantations of hybrid crops. Our company, its management and associates are always looking for new business, cost effective and efficient means and methods of providing products and services to clients, and we seek input from buyers, suppliers, professionals and others – so please, always feel free to contact us directly – your participation is welcomed.



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